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We innovate, design, and deliver. Really.
Fiber Connections is a worldwide supplier of engineered
active and passive optical network products.

Innovate - We are always working on something new,
or researching the latest technologies.

Design - Our experienced technical staff is well known
for designing custom solutions for our customers

Deliver - Need quick product delivery? An Engineering
drawing? A network solution? We deliver!
Re-think Your Security Network…
Our line of media converters and Power over
Ethernet (PoE) extensions offer the most flexible
solutions for your security networks. Remote cameras
can be located more than 3000ft from the equipment
room, hybrid cables provide a one-pull solution,
remotely re-boot your cameras and so much more.

Chameleon products offer a wide array of options for
your security network.
Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)
Fiber optics and ITS/DOT projects have been paired for a long time,
but GatorPatch took that relationship to another level. Our unique
fiber optic, pre-terminated patching solution brings fiber
optics to your traffic lights, cameras and other equipment,
in a compact and easy to install package.
PoE – Fiber to the Desk
Our unique solution brings PoE (power
over Ethernet) to your VoIP phone and
thin client hardware. It also brings the
added security of fiber optics to your
data network, while helping to
eliminate those unsightly ‘wall-warts’.
MPO Modular Solutions
Our multi-fiber solutions include a wide range
of products using MTP® brand connectors.
Fan-out assemblies, distribution modules,
terminated trunk assemblies up to 144 fibers –
MTP® on both ends or MTP® to any single
fiber connector.

We do it all and we do it well.

MTP is a trademark of USConec
Featured Products

Chameleon is an integrated system that provides fiber distribution, Ethernet media conversion, security monitoring and POE injection and extension.

  • Factory terminated patch panel
  • Compact, durable and secure
  • eliminates the need for on site terminations
  • fast, easy and cost effective
  • Media conversion and Power over Ethernet
  • Extend PoE up to 1173 meters
  • 10/100 and 1000Mb/s options
  • IEEE802.3af and .3at compliant options
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Trunk Cables
  • Any cable style – loose tube, tight buffered, armored…
  • Any SM or MM fiber
  • Any connector – MTP®, LC, SC, ST, FC, MTRJ and more
  • Custom break-outs and pull-kits installed
Cable Assemblies
  • Corning Gold patch cords
  • Simplex, duplex, multi-fiber, fan-out
  • Hybrid copper/fiber assemblies
  • 100% optical testing
What’s New

We are always working on new products and designing innovative solutions to specific problems. See our latest products here.

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